US Embassy

Like many of its counterparts in developing, post-soviet, non-aligned, and esoterically-described nations worldwide, the United States Embassy to the Republic of Uzbekistan in Tashkent resembles a giant wedding cake crossbred with a WWII concrete pillbox. A system of baffles, sharp turns, gates and guard points prevents any attempt by suicide bombers or enraged mobs to storm the building. Pulling up in your car, you reflect that it also makes getting to meetings on time a pain in the ass.

Assembling in the main conference room, you take a moment to glance around at the hastily assembled investigative team, the stacks of potentially-vaguely-relevant documents, the half-drunk cups of coffee; looks like this case has everyone working overtime. Time to put your shoulder to the wheel and introduce yourself…

Arrivals and Introductions

The Briefing Begins

Getting Down to Details

Summing Up

Synergistic Teamwork

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conference room whiteboard

Embassy Supply and Motor-Pool

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