Roleplaying Style

What to expect from this game.

From a practical standpoint, I intend to spend 1/2 an hour to an hour per day GMing this game. Given that all the potential players are scattered across different time zones, I hope this will enable a pace that is leisurely but continuous and doesn't grind to a halt.

On a more theoretical note, in GNS terminology, I tend to be a Narrativist first, a Gamist second and a Simulationist third. If you're not familiar with this terminology, it means I am first concerned with telling a good story, then with presenting the characters with challenges and conundrums which they can achieve or fail, and am not really concerned at all with producing an accurate simulation of reality (though I am concerned with producing an accurate simulation of Lovecraftian existence…)

For example, I tend to get excited about reinterpretations of the mythos that draw out previously unsuspected themes, or news articles that overlap with mythos entities, but gun-fondling about how to translate the latest SMG into CoC stats leaves me comatose with boredom.

This will carry through into how I Keep the campaign. To raise an infamous example from the DGML, if I think it's a dumb idea to take on a Dark Young with Martial Arts (because it's narratively inappropriate, or because there are more ingenious solutions, etc), then I don't care what the rules say about the amount of damage a Martial Artist can do, I'll kill or maim the character in question.

My "bible" of GMing is The Interactive Toolkit by Christopher Kubasik, and I urge everyone to check it out!

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