US-Embassy PX (supply office)

Following the near indecipherable signage and wall-maps, SA Nordman and Officer Lien make their way through to the secure staff-only supply and storage regions of the embassy building. A uniformed US Marine checks their ID and signs them into the store room, with adjoining workshop and garage. Embassy staff go about their business as the two gather supplies and arrange for a 4WD to take them to the crypt.

Following stocking up, and collecting SA Nordmans three battered equipment cases each with a stencilled "1", "2" and "3" on all faces, and "Lt Nordman" on the tops. He then heads to the armoury window and has a long padded case and a bundled pistol holster passed to him. He waits for Officer Lien by the pile of his cases, pack, duffle and their accumulated gear.

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