Mattias Prelude

The annoying first bars of "Freestyler" ( chime from a battered, several years old HNS7100 (

"Hey Mike!, how you doin'?" (The voice is friendly, and the accent is Texan enough to put the listener at ease, yet foreign enough to instill in him a subtle sense of superiority.)
"Hey Maddiash! Wassup! Great barbecue last week!" (The voice is utterly american, obviously educated and clearly enjoys saying Wassup.)
"Glad you liked it! It was quite a crowd."
"Sure was!! But down to business, there's a group here that needs baby-sitting. Not that some of them don't know their way around, it's more keeping them off each others throat kinda deal!"
"Hooookay, what are we talking about here?"
"Stolen mummies investigation team: two cops, a couple of professors and a government minder."
"Anyone I know?"
"I think you know St James, and then there's Sharaf, you've met him, right?"
"Yeah. Sounds absolutely charming."
"So, you regular going rate then?"
"For the first week, after that it's 20% higher."
"Damn! You're killing me here!"
"I got a nice little job coming in ithursday next week, and if I have to work this any longer than that…"
"Alright, be at the embassy tomorrow at ten."
"No problemo!"

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