Mattias Fjäder

You have reached the homepage of Featherweight Facilitators. We are a small, focused company with over 20 years of experience with helping outsiders come to grips with the Uzbek. We are cleared to work according to the following standards, regulations and clearances: ISO 4129, ISO 7894A, NATOMIL Cd. 95550, Säpo Nov 12, Hind: Karesh status, DIN 94789 and JIS 59237. We enjoy building up long-standing, trust-based relationships with our customers.

Our funder and owner, Mattias Fjäder, MsSci, has over 20 years of experience of Uzbekistan and has been living here since 1988.

Translation services:

In-house, we can provide legal-level translations between Uzbekistani and: English, German, French, Swedish, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, Russian, Afghanistani, Pakistani and Japanese. Other languages available on request.

Facilitation services:

With it's wide and extensive net of contacts and deep knowledge of Uzbek culture and business climate, Featherweight Facilitators knows who you should know and can get you in touch with the right people - whatever your business.


Our main office is in Tashkent, with branch offices in Samarkand,Tashkent and Termiz with offices opening in Shakhrisabz and Karshi-Khanabad. We have representation in New York, London, Berlin, Los Angeles, Paris and Moscow.

Now we leave the homepage proper.

Mattias Fjäder is indeed a successful facilitator and rarely pays more than double what locals would pay. In his late fourties he sports a grey beard and face that has wrinkled from weather and worries. He usually wears some kind of hat, anything from a turban to a baseball cap. He has a bit of a gut and stands about 170 cm tall. He favours clothes with a lot of pockets (think cargo pants) but has no problem dressing for the occasion and looks completely comfortable in both quite expensive suits and local traditional clothing. By nature even-tempered he can both act and become quite angry when the situation calls for it. He's not an actor, but knows what the situation calls for. First impressions of him is usually quite positive, and he usually tries to make the second impression a positive one as well. He has a tendency to get gloomy, but never while he's working.

He's not honest - that would make working in Uzbekistan impossible - but he does try not to rip his customers off.

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