The Road to Samarkand

We travel not for trafficking alone;
By hotter winds our fiery hearts are fanned:
For lust of knowing what should not be known,
We take the Golden Road to Samarkand.

James Elroy Flecker


"In breaking foreign news, President Karimov of Uzbekistan has accused US troops stationed at a NATO base on the Uzbekistan/Afghanistan border of being responsible for tomb robbery. The Crypt of the 14th century Mongol conquerer Timur was apparently broken open and the body and treasures stored within stolen.
"Asked about the accusation at a press conference, President Obama had this to say:
[Cut to Obama on podium]
Obama: "I would like to assure President Karimov and the world that this administration takes the protection of the history and culture of nations in which we maintain a military presence very seriously. At this stage, we have no information on the perpetrators, but I say to them, whether you are American or not, you will be caught, and you will be punished for this act of desecration. I have ordered a full investigation, and full cooperation with the Uzbekistan authorities. The law enforcement expertise of the United States of America is at NATO's, and Uzbekistan's, disposal."
[Cut to studio]
"But experts from the Brookings Institute say that the accusation is just a negotiating ploy".
[Cut to headshot of Dr Milkan]
Milkan: "Uzbekistan and the United States have been renegotiating to reopen US air bases closed after the 2005 violence in Andijan. This accusation is probably a ploy by President Karimov for more concessions. The theft was more probably committed by the Russian Maphiya - since the end of the Cold War, there has been a steady increase in illicit trading of archaeological artefacts from East to West. Even in Western Europe, some museums with eastern European artefacts have been robbed as part of this trade".
[Cut to studio].
"Meanwhile, in lighter news from Central Asia, neighbouring Kazakhstan is reported to be opening the world's first embassy for aliens! [Cut to stock footage of UFOs] VO: Kazakhstan's government is known for an eccentric taste in architecture, but this one might be just too 'far out'. [Cut to studio] And now it's over to Mike for the sports news".
[Cut to Mike]
Mike: "Thanks Carol. In today's football news…


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